• Born on a Leap Year: What Not to Say to Me

    In which I talk about being born on a leap year and share advice about asking people about their February 29 birth date. I hope to educate and entertain with this post.

  • Anyone Can Change a Life

    Oh boy, another blog post inspired by the monologue ramblings of one Marc Maron in his podcast. This one is about how people impact each other's lives.

  • Let’s Talk About Bell Let’s Talk Day

    On Bell Let's Talk Day, Bell donates money towards mental health initiatives in Canada. But, is it authentic? Does the harm they do invalidate any good? Here are my thoughts.

  • On Discomfort, again

    Funny how themes keep coming up in one’s life. Earlier this week I realized that I was three episodes behind on Marc Maron’s podcast, and then I listened to one that gave me a writing prompt, as Maron's podcasts have…

  • Another blog space

    A reintroduction, another place for my writing. Read about it here: 👇

  • Back again. Help Me Help You.

    I admit – I sort of forgot about this website. Yesterday I saw that my About page hadn’t been updated since March 2015. Today I discovered that my last blog post (at this site) was a year ago. A year…