A Salute to Mother’s Day

I wrote this for Mother’s Day 2020. Mother’s Day 2022 is two and a half weeks away from when I’m adding this content here.

To all the moms, moms-to-be and those missing their moms

Motherhood is a role I’ve wussed (I mean, opted) out of for many reasons, including that it seems like a lot of work to raise humans who talk back, defy and have the potential to break your heart continuously. Raising children seems like a test of wills, and an investment that begins during — sometimes before — pregnancy through teenage years and beyond. Parenthood takes great strength.

I love children and think that conception & birth are miraculous but they’re not in my plan.

The additional work that parents have experienced this year is especially impressive to me. I initially had the idea to write a Mother’s Day tribute to share on my Facebook and Instagram pages, but as I wrote it, I felt guided to share it on Medium too. When I finished, I noticed that it reads like a blessing.

Whether you’re enjoying this time with your children at home, it’s frustrating for you, or both, thank you for doing your best.

To those with children at home who are bored, and those going through homeschooling — you’re heroes.

To the empty nesters who miss their children and their grandchildren — hang in there. Use what you’ve got — porch visits or videoconferencing, for example — to stay connected.

To the single moms doing it alone — and the single dads who don’t have a co-parent — you’re terrific. (Can those dads have both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?)

To those for whom Mothers Day triggers sadness

To those women who have miscarried or lost sons or daughters of any age  — I haven’t the words except to offer heartfelt comfort for your pain.

To those women who have grieved their mothers  — whether you’re a parent yourself or not, my heart goes out to you. Their memory is a blessing.

And —  to those amazing women who are trying to get pregnant and have had difficulty — to those who look forward to experiencing Mother’s Day, my best wishes are with you.

Happy Mother’s Day.