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  • A Salute to Mother’s Day

    I wrote this for Mother’s Day 2020. Mother’s Day 2022 is two and a half weeks away from when I’m adding this content here. To all the moms, moms-to-be and those missing their moms Motherhood is a role I’ve wussed…

  • Counting the Omer and Making it Count.

    This morning, while listening to a conversation on Chutzpod! about the Jewish custom of Counting the Omer, I remembered a series that I wrote four years ago it. The posts aren’t all together, so they’re not easy to find to…

  • music magazine

    Crossing Musical Genres As An Artist

    I have a deep respect for musicians who perform a variety of styles. It shows real talent & technical skills to be able to perform a range.

  • In Awe of Ghosteen

    The music touches a place deep in me, feeding an area of my soul that I didn’t know needed satisfying.

  • The Holiday Food Shaming Begins

    One of my biggest pet peeves is the use of words such as "guilt" as a way to describe a feeling toward food and eating.