• Welcome

    Welcome to my new old website:

  • Music Appreciation

    I always say that I'm uninformed when it comes to music. Here, I examine & rewrite my narrative.

  • Do You Give Away Your Power?

    "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker

  • #fitnessfriday: Appreciating My Body

    Our bodies aren't who we are, nor are they an absolute indication of health or fitness but it does feel good when our bodies look good.

  • Stop!

    Is it Bullying If There’s Consent?

    Subtitle: WTF is with teenaged boys?? Cross-posted from Medium. Sometimes I imagine potential scenarios and wonder how I’d handle them, what I’d say, and whether I’d do the right thing. It’s easy to think you’d say or do one thing,…

  • Born on a Leap Year: What Not to Say to Me

    In which I talk about being born on a leap year and share advice about asking people about their February 29 birth date. I hope to educate and entertain with this post.