• Forgive Your Future Self

    It was a profound piece of advice said to me by an inner voice of patience, kindness, wisdom and power.

  • Even In Darkness, There is Light

    Every day, I meditate, and I pray, and I ask, and I journal. Here is something I wrote in my journal yesterday morning on a wintery day when first, it rained, and then the precipitation turned into wet snow.

  • Learning From the Trees

    Fall is an amazing time for renewal. It begins with "back-to-school," then a change in season.

  • Do The Thing - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Following What Lights Me Up

    Writing lights me up. I’ve known forever that writing is my passion. It’s always a part of what I do. And yet, to sit and do it, to “do the thing” requires a nudge.

  • Anyone Can Change a Life

    Oh boy, another blog post inspired by the monologue ramblings of one Marc Maron in his podcast. This one is about how people impact each other's lives.

  • Jumping Without a Net

    In my last post I wrote, “The Universe has been bashing me over the head with the “leave your day-job industry and go out on your own” message recently.” This is yet another example, sent last Tuesday. My friend Aviva…