Jumping Without a Net


In my last post I wrote, “The Universe has been bashing me over the head with the “leave your day-job industry and go out on your own” message recently.”

This is yet another example, sent last Tuesday. My friend Aviva started her newsletter with this quote and attributed it to a former theatre school professor. I don’t usually reply to people’s newsletters but I replied with this:

Beautiful! The quote you started with made me laugh because it’s one more examples of synchronicity in my life right now, another sign of the Universe/my inner guide metaphorically grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me. It’s as if the Universe is saying, “In case you haven’t been listening, LOOK AT THIS!” 🙂 The Universe is turning into a nagging Jewish mother. I inwardly answered with an eye roll.

The quote spoke to me.

This is Aviva, a JUNO Award nominated musician (the Canadian music awards) that matter to people over th eage of 20. This is the newsletter it was in.