Andrea Writes Two Point… Ohhhh

Hello world, again,

I went and did something crazy.

This website, which has existed since around 2012, which is on business cards, on, AngelList (a platform for startups), on resumes, is blank now. On purpose.

It wasn’t going to be.

Changing of the host

I’m easy distracted. In January as my hosting was about to end with my previous hosting company, I bought hosting with a different company. And while I began to export my food and wellness website to import under the new host, I got distracted and never completed it. I clicked one button, then stopped because squirrel! I subsequently, after changing the settings necessary, realized when it was too late and that I hadn’t exported this site either.

This in itself didn’t kill the content forever, it just meant that I had to transfer my sites via file transfer (FTP) and importing my databases. More time consuming, it is.

I did export my databases from the previous host, so I had the content. This content needed to move to their new homes. It took me 3 weeks to get my food and wellness site back up with all of its content dating back to 2008 because I was having database issues and tech support for my new host isn’t well educated in mySQL databases, under the belief that mySQL is WordPress’s area (I think they should have the ability to adequately support it, but anyway…). Because that’s the site I used most often, I sat on this one for awhile until I decided to commence the migration. This site is on business cards and such, but it wasn’t priority yet. I was going to migrate all the old content over as if this was the same old site.

This week something occurred to me: I didn’t WANT to migrate the old content. It’s not that I didn’t want to put in the effort, it’s that I set up this site as my “portfolio” or “business” site but didn’t do much with it. I wrote a couple dozen posts over a couple of years and changed its focus – it’s a business blog – no, it’s a place to sell myself as a writer – no, it’s a blog for everything that doesn’t belong on my other site – no… but it mostly stayed dormant. Some of those posts were excellent, I thought. I enjoyed my “to date or not to date” blog posts, and the version of “15 Ways to Pitch Your Blogger”, a slightly different version of which I also published on my food & wellness blog. That one got a bunch of comments and shares here.

But now I see that Andrea Writes has potential and I’m not certain what that is. I recently determined that one of the things missing from my other website is a brand, and have determined that if I’m going to keep this site, I should have some form of brand consistency.

So if you’re holding onto my business card right now, or got here from a link on a professional networking site, welcome and know that this site – like my life – is in transition. More on that last part later.

And there you go. Exciting changes are afoot.