Social media consulting

Among the services I can provide are social media audits, set up and maintenance, and helping you determine which platforms are right for your business.

I am currently accepting a limited number of social media clients for social media messaging and monitoring (i.e. doing your social media for you). I only accept a limited number of clients for day-to-day social media activities because I believe that fewer clients = more attention on each one and a better client experience.

Technical website audits

Some of the website audit activities I do include

  • On-page optimization
  • Accessibility
  • Friendliness for mobile. This is important because Google has recently made changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content.
  • Site speed
  • Broken link checks

Other services

  • WordPress help (e.g. you have a design already but need content help, backend updates and other maintenance)
  • Newsletter consulting, creation and editing
  • Assistant work such as emails and research

I’m currently creating a Back to Basics social media workshop. Contact me to be the first to know when it’s ready.


Rates vary but start at $25/hr for VA work and audits (anything that makes sense on an hourly rate).
Full social media help starts at $750/month (where hourly rate doesn’t make sense because it’s often a few minutes here, an hour there).