• yes

    Yes, and…

    Finding the balance between being agreeable and setting boundaries.

  • Cynicism and Asking For Help

    Asking for help is hard. We judge ourselves, and we fear judgment from others. People who ask, "Why them?" or imply a scam make it harder.

  • Teach a man to fish

    Give a Man a Fish

    Sometimes you should do your own fishing. Othertimes, just eat the damn fish.

  • Even In Darkness, There is Light

    Every day, I meditate, and I pray, and I ask, and I journal. Here is something I wrote in my journal yesterday morning on a wintery day when first, it rained, and then the precipitation turned into wet snow.

  • Want My Advice?

    Are you sure you need advice, or are you seeking validation for what you already know?

  • In Awe of Ghosteen

    The music touches a place deep in me, feeding an area of my soul that I didn’t know needed satisfying.