Page updated September, 2019

Hi all,

This website has been around in various iterations for years. Of all my blogs and websites, it’s mostly been the neglected child. Currently it’s mostly a blog, but most of my blog posts are published to Medium, where my writing is more likely to be read.

My story

This is a modified version of the story I tell in my LinkedIn profile:

In middle school, a teacher gave me the highest mark in the class on an assignment and advised me to become a writer. I loved to read and write.

I graduated university with an honours degree in Mass Communications and no absolute plan. Multiple interests and community theatre involvement took me to the field of Arts Administration. After a few years working for nonprofit arts organizations it was time to move on.

I went to government communications.

I’ve been “social networking” and engaged in ”social media” since before those terms existed, “blogging” since before the term was mainstream. Facebook didn’t exist yet. Before MySpace there was “Six Degrees”. I have several years of experience with social media initiatives using an assortment of social media platforms, learning new ones as they arise, and have gotten skilled at condensing key messages to 140 characters.

When Kevin Smith first launched his online radio network I wrote an ad for him to read on air. Hearing him say words that I wrote has been one of the highlights of my life. My tweets have been retweeted and “favourited” by some of the famous people I admire a lot- or by their social media crew. Either way, it made me feel good.

I’ve been designing websites for 10+ years with search engine optimization (SEO), and social media integration, writing copy and integrating into communications plans.

I excel at connecting people, crave new challenges with a determination to overcome them.

In late 2012 I formulated a career mission statement: “I want to help businesses achieve their goals through marketing and community management. I want to be of service to them and their clients/customers and help make cool shit happen.” Being “of service” and helping make cool stuff happen are my two priorities for job satisfaction.

For several years my mission statement as a blogger has been “Writes to Educate”. This means that my intention isn’t, “Hey, look at me!” but “What can I teach you today?” and “How can I help you?”

Work with me

I am an expert in several digital marketing areas and with each freelance, contract or part-time role I seek to develop new skills. It’s no fun walking into a a job knowing everything.

Do you need any of the following as one-off or short term?

  • Help setting up social media accounts
  • Help deciding which social media platforms will be most effective for your business
  • Advice on third party social media tools (programs & apps that post to social media platforms)
  • WordPress tutorial
  • Blogging advice
  • Newsletter writing, advice & editing
  • Any other editing or proofreading
  • Help with Twitter chats – scripts, moderation
  • Virtual Assistant (aka “VA”) work that could include admin help, market research and more.

Looking for a longer-term relationship?

  • I’ll accept a limited number of social media clients in a “Community Manager” capacity. That means that if I’m creating social media messaging, there’s only so many clients I feel that I can handle at a time without compromising the quality of my work.
  • If you have a regular newsletter that you want me to edit each time, we can discuss that.

Got any other ideas or needs? Ask and I’ll see if I can help. If I can’t help I can either learn it or recommend someone else who can help you.

If you’re in the U.S., get in touch. I’m in Canada (eastern time) & the dollar currently works in your favor. I’m open to remote work and moving. Passport renewal is in progress.